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A Growing Population Means a Great Place for Families and Business

The population of Kaufman County has rapidly grown over the last decade, with a substantial growth of over 31% in the past decade. The population is projected to continue this pattern of growth, adding more than 15,000 residents over the next 5 years.

A Growing Future Workforce Pipeline

Jobs have also grown in Kaufman County, with the creation of over 4,500 jobs in the last five years. This dramatically outpaces national job growth by 6.5%. Job growth is expected to continue this upward trajectory, with the projected addition of another 4,200+ over the next 5 years.

2014 - 2019 Job Growth

  • Kaufman County - 13.8%

  • National Average - 6.5%

Colleges and universities in the Terrell area and across the state greatly contribute to the highly skilled and educated workforce that businesses need to grow and thrive. Terrell ISD is also committed to training our future workforce through its partnership with Trinity Valley Community College and Career and Technical Education programs.

Terrell Residents are Ready and Willing to Work

A substantial portion of the prime-age labor force (ages 25 - 54) participates in the local economy and is ready and willing to work. Overall Kaufman County labor-force participation is at 66.2%. The largest industries for jobs are in the government, retail grade, manufacturing, and construction sectors, while the top growing industries are construction, transportation and warehousing, government and manufacturing. 

Labor Force Participation
Prime-Age Labor Force Participation