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Madix Inc.
Madix Inc.
General Labor
Madix Inc.
500 Airport Rd
75160 Terrell , TX
Job Description: 

The welder uses welding equipment to assemble fabricated metal products in an efficient manner to maximize production.  This position operates the equipment in a safe manner and reports hazards associated with the equipment or its operation.

Responsibilities Include: 
  1. Perform daily functions as directed by daily work orders and/or Supervisor/Lead in the time allocated per company standards.  Maintain and produce a level of output that minimizes production delays.
  2. Set up and properly adjust welding equipment according to gauge and product specifications. Parts must be welded and verified to the drawing.
  3. Ensure that the correct raw material or sub-assembly is being used.  
  4. Report production and daily work utilization by scanning into RFGen daily. Must keep accurate quantity counts of material and scrap.
  5. Produce strong penetrated welds that are non-porous and consistent.  Ensure that the fixture does not have any accumulated weld slag that could affect the part’s placement in the fixture or its quality.  Grind or blow off if needed.  Ensure that all parts are ground smooth if required by the drawing.
  6. Follow required procedures and use appropriate jigs and fixtures to assist in the assembly process
  7. Perform a 100% inspection on the first completed part per the applicable part drawing.  Continue to check parts during the run in accordance with the Madix Operator/Inspection Report.
  8. Detect and promptly report defective materials or questionable conditions to the Supervisor/Lead.
  9. Responsible for keeping track of company tools and equipment.
  10. Clean and lubricate machines, tools, and equipment in order to remove grease, rust, stains, and foreign matter.
  11. Observe and act upon machine malfunction warnings and alarm signals.
  12. Exercise quality control by comparing the welded produced product to the product’s blueprints templates, and/or specifications. Perform quality checks by evaluating weight, size, shape, and/or texture of product.  Measure work pieces to determine accuracy  utilizing rulers, templates, or other measuring instruments
  13. Responsible for maintaining a safe and clean work environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations as well as general hygiene regulations.
  14. Comply with all work related activities in a fair, ethical, and consistent manner.
  15. Adhere to all safety standards and company policies including attending mandatory safety training.  Report all accidents and incidents immediately whether major or minor.
  16. Be an active participant in lean events as directed by supervisor.
  17. Responsible for taking a proactive approach to continuous improvement including productivity, quality, safety, environmental, and ergonomics as well as being a contributing team member in a fast paced environment.
  18. Communicate effectively with other workers to efficiently continue workflow.
  19. Perform other duties as assigned.   May be required to work in non-MIG weld jobs as requested.
  1. Must pass Madix weld test; welding certification a plus.
  2. Working knowledge of welding process and equipment.  Must have formal MIG welding training through a community college or technical school or hands on experience in a production setting. 
  3. Requires knowledge equivalent to 1 to 2 years high school. 
  4. High school diploma/ GED preferred or 1 year factory/ manufacturing related experience.
  5. Computer skills are a plus.
  6. Good math skills including fractions and angles required.
  7. Ability to read and use a tape measure, protractors, and interpret blueprints or simple drawings required.
  8. Ability to read and write a must.
Special Skills/Abilities/Knoweledge: 
  1. Ability to safely operate, set up, and adjusts MIG welding equipment and operate simple hand and power tools.
  2. Ability to weld vertical or flat welds with acceptable quality consistently.
  3. Ability to weld the following and any combinations of the following:  Wire 24 gage to 50 & Metal ½ plate to 24 gauge.
  4. Ability to stand, walk, bend, climb, squat, and weld in awkward positions for prolonged periods.
  5. Must have manual dexterity and strong hand-eye coordination.
  6. Ability to work levers, buttons, and/or foot pedals.
  7. Ability to use simple gauges and other instruments.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively with coworkers, supervisors, and managers.
  9. Able to understand and execute instructions/directions.
  10. Must be available to work weekends and/or overtime.
  11. Ability to work and concentrate in a noisy environment.
  12. Ability to wear protective equipment such as earplugs, safety glasses, gloves, welding helmets, boots, respirators, etc.
  13. Ability to work independently in a fast paced environment as well as within a team.
  14. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  15. Ability to observe and learn from experienced welders.
Work Environment: 
  1. Manufacturing plant environment with extreme fluctuation in temperature.
  2. Working with equipment that produces high heat and flames.
  3. Dusty and noisy environment.
  4. Exposure to odors and fumes.
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