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Warehouse Selector

Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc.
Delivering exceptional products and customer service since 1919. Our Mission: To enhance our customers’ guest experience through supply chain excellence. Combining a time-tested “customer comes first” mentality with forward-thinking technology and service, Maines is one of the largest independent foodservice distributors in the nation. Maines generates annual revenue over $4 billion and is ranked by Forbes magazine in its Top 300 of America’s Largest Private Companies list.
Warehouse Selector
Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc.
General Labor
Maines Terrell - TT37
3000 Airport Rd.
75160 Terrell , TX
Job Description: 


Maines Warehouse Associates/Selectors are responsible for building customer orders in a timely and accurate fashion. Using a pallet jack, Selectors receive direction via a headset computer that guides them to the appropriate product in the warehouse. The Selector is then responsible for physically lifting each case of product and staking the product on a pallet. The Warehouse Selector must simultaneously select up to six customers per pallet and operate a double or triple pallet jack.

Expectations: Number one priority is being safe at all times. The average case weight is approximately 35 pounds and will get as heavy as 100 pounds plus. You will lift 20,000 to 30,000 pounds a day. You will be expected to maintain a competitive average throughput. Throughput is defined as your total cases selected by the total hours worked. You will be required to maintain an aggressive quality and accuracy standard to insure that the customer is given the highest quality service.


•Excellent Advancement Opportunities

•Educational Reimbursement

•Medical Insurance

•Dental Insurance

•Company Paid Life Insurance

•Direct Deposit


•Boot Reimbursement

•Accuracy Bonus

•Vision Insurance

Hours/Days of Work: 

Overtime and Holiday work is mandatory. Work schedules may change during a holiday week. All warehouse associates will be obligated and trained to work in all areas and may be trained in different jobs. Areas that will be required are as followed: Freezer , Cooler , Dry Temperatures range from - 20 to 85 degrees.

Shifts -- Wide Variety 1st Shift Shipping -- Split Days Off Sunday -- 9 AM until Done Monday -- Thursday -- 10 AM until Done Friday -- 9 AM until Done Start times are subject to change at any time. 2nd Shift Shipping -- Sunday -- Thursday Sunday -- 1 PM until Done Monday -- Thursday -- 6 PM until Done

Start times are subject to change at any time. 3rd Shift Produce Express Days Varies One Weekend Day REQUIRED 8PM -- 4:30AM Start times are subject to change at any time. Shifts can range anywhere from 6 to 16 hours. Sundays are at least a 10-hour shift. Every shift that we are hiring for requires Sunday work.

Responsibilities Include: 

***Potential to earn more than average hourly rate with above average pick rate.


•Promotes and practices the Maines number one priority at all times --


•Maintains a competitive average throughput, which is defined as total cases selected by the total hours worked

•Maintains an aggressive quality and accuracy standard to ensure that the customer is given the highest quality service

•Works overtime and holidays as assigned (mandatory)



•Willing to handle product

•Willing and able to lift 70 pounds and work with a hand truck

•Strong customer service skills

•Interest in long-term growth

•Desire to work in a process-oriented environment

•Must pass a Warehouse aptitude test to be taken later in this job application process

Work Environment: 

Pay: New selectors start at $ 10 per hour during the 90-day probation period. After successfully completing the 12 week probation period selectors are moved to piece pay. You do not have to wait for the probation period to end to move to piece pay. If you can show that you can hit the minimum through put and maintain minimum quality & accuracy standards you will be moved to piece pay earlier than 90-days.

SMOKING -- This is a smoke free facility. You are only allowed to smoke during your lunch at which time you are off the clock and able to leave the company grounds.