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Chemical Process Operator

Chemtrade Logistics
People First! By joining our team, you will have the chance to be part of a vibrant and growing company. We offer an exciting work atmosphere and opportunities for professional development. At Chemtrade, we take pride in rewarding our employees for their commitment, performance and hard work by offering a variety of programs and services. We offer a comprehensive and very competitive health and wellness program, including medical, dental, paid vacation and a fitness activity subsidy. Our unique culture enables employees to thrive in a supportive and engaging workplace. Employee engagement is not just something we talk about at Chemtrade, but fulfilled through exciting programs like Employee Recognition and Rewards (CHEers!), and Chemtrade University. Our friendly work environment fosters positive interaction amongst employees within and throughout different departments and locations. We treat our employees with fairness and equity. We value diversity, recognize the benefits of an inclusive work environment and pride ourselves on our commitment to the Health and Safety of our employees and the communities we work in through Responsible Care®. Chemtrade is one of the world’s largest suppliers of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur dioxide (SO2) and sodium hydrosulphite (SHS), and a leading processor of spent sulphuric acid. Chemtrade is also a leading regional supplier of sulphur and sodium chlorate, one of only two North American producers of phosphorous pentasulphide and also produces zinc oxide and water treatment chemicals. Chemtrade obtains these products from its own production facilities and through long-term marketing services agreements and distributes them to customers around the world. In January 2014, Chemtrade acquired General Chemical, a leader in water chemicals with nearly 50 North American production facilities. Chemtrade manufactures a broad line of organic and inorganic chemicals for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products include aluminum sulfate, aluminum chlorohydrate, and ferric sulfate for water treatment applications. We stand behind our products with solid technical support. We are one of the leading producers across every business we service. Chemtrade is an Equal Opportunity Employer Chemtrade is committed to fair and accessible employment practices and will, where possible, provide accommodations for persons with disabilities.
Chemical Process Operator
Chemtrade Logistics
General Labor
General Chemical
503 E Grove St
75160 Terrell , TX
Job Description: 

Support the plant by completing all required Level -I chemical operator duties and responsibilities. Shift work is required; along with periods of week day and week end overtime as designated by site supervision.

Hours/Days of Work: 

 This job requires 12-hour rotating shifts with possible overtime.

Responsibilities Include: 

Perform chemical synthesis and blending operations according to Chemtrade Standards and Operating procedures:

  • Load ACH (aluminum chlorohydrate) reaction vessels:
    • Within the reaction vessel manually reposition and restack the residual spent aluminum bars (ingot). Bars can range in weight from 1 – 50 lb.-Reload and restack up to 320 x 50 lb. aluminum bars (ingot) over a maximum 2 hr. period loading period.-Exit the reaction vessel and reseal the man way.
    • Loading operations can be performed up to 3 times in an 8 hr. shift, depending on batch sequencing.
    • Stack all 50 lb. aluminum bars in a designated pattern, to a stack height of up to but not exceeding 6 ft.
    • Clean reactor floor and manually remove spent aluminum pieces and waste material using 5 gallon bucket (ranging in weight from 25 – 50 lb.).
    • Safely enter the reaction vessel through a 24” (or larger) diameter, side entry manway.


  • Chemical Batch Manufacture:
    • Turn valves or adjust controls to maintain systems at specified temperature, pressure, and vacuum levels.-Draw samples of products for laboratory analysis.
    • Maintain a log of gauge readings and shift production.
    • Observe chemical reactions; monitor gauges, signals, and recorders; receive notification from control laboratory, supervisor, or other workers to make specified operating adjustments.
    • Operate equipment units or semiautomatic systems that processes chemical substances into industrial products; load specified amounts of solid materials into specific mixing ; control valves to feed liquid materials through flow meters to specific mixing vessels or set controls in specified sequence on control panel to start automatic feed.
  • Perform loading, off loading and trans-loading operations according to Chemtrade Standards and Operating Procedures.
  • Perform pre-start up safety and operating checks as well as operate mobile equipment such as front end loader, skid steer loader, scissor lift, and forklift.
  • Complete and maintain processing, quality and ISO documentation and records.
  • Provide information to site supervision and co-workers by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.
  • Perform ongoing chemical analysis of designated raw materials and finished products as required by site procedures.
  • Actively follow all site housekeeping procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by site supervision or lead operator.


  • A High School Diploma or GED equivalency is required.
  • Three (3) years’ work experience in a chemical environment or related industry is preferred.
  • The ability to understand and communicate electronically prepared data is essential.
  • The candidate will ideally have some general industrial maintenance experience to include: pipe fitting, pump repair, and pump installation.
  • Experience operating a forklift, boom truck, front-end loader and or other heavy equipment is preferred.
  • Possession of a valid driving license with a clean driving record is a requirement.
  • Must be capable of performing and understanding, general process and laboratory calculations as required by the manufacturing procedures.
  • Must be a self-starter with the ability to work under minimum of supervision, be highly motivated, energetic, and enjoy working as part of a team.
Special Skills/Abilities/Knoweledge: 

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job:

  • Employee must have physical strength, hand-eye coordination and endurance.
  • Employee must be physically capable of entering and exiting confined space reaction vessels through restricted openings.
  • The employee will be required to perform intense labor as described above (handling and manipulating 50 lb metal bars and bags, up to 300 times in the course of an 8 hr. shif, under ambient temperatures or warmer).
  • Employee is frequently required to sit, stand, walk, reach with hands and arms, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.
  • Employee is required to climb multi-level stairs/ladders to perform his duties.
  • Employees will be required to wear site designated PPE at all times which includes but not limited to, hard hats, steel toe cap boots, safety specs , safety shields, coveralls, PVC acid resistant suits, hearing protection and an assortment of hand protection.
  • Specific vision abilities required by this job may include close vision.
  • Must be physically capable of occasionally spending long hours sitting in an office environment.
  • Must be “fit for all the above duties”.
Work Environment: 

Must be able to perform under the following conditions:

  • Access work in awkward or confining workspaces.
  • Work in elevated places.
  • Work in outdoor environment.
  • Work in noisy environment.
  • Work in areas that are dusty and have some odor from chemicals and etc.
  • Safety is a job requirement.
  • Able to work in Adverse Weather Conditions.
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