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Develop in Terrell

Welcome to the Terrell Developer’s Corner. We believe you will find that Terrell offers one of the most pro-business and developer friendly environments in North Texas. We are a CAN DO community – let us know where you want to go and we will help you get there.

The purpose of this special program is two-fold:

First, this is a one-stop information center for everything you need to know about the development processes, including zoning, platting, economic development incentives, and obtaining building permits. You’ll find fee schedules, guides, checklists, applications, submittal requirements, maps, ordinances, and contact information.

Second, information about current development projects in the works, recent building permits and certificates of occupancy issued with primary contact information are also posted so that vendors, suppliers, contractors or service industry representatives who offer services and products to the local development or business community will have timely information about what is happening in Terrell. (Note: the City of Terrell encourages the use of local vendors and services, but does not endorse or promote any business in particular.)



Available downloads:

Developers Handbook - A Guide To Planning, Zoning, Platting, And Building In Terrell, Texas

City of Terrell Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance 2612)

Future Land Use Map

Residential Economic Incentive Program

Regional Water Facilities Study

Regional Wastewater Facilities Study

Line Locate Form

GIS Maps

Technical Construction Standards and Specifications



TIF Resources:

TIF Application Public Works
TIF Development Map City of Terrell
Municipal Development Bids Notice
City Engineer  


If you can’t find the information you are looking for or have specific questions about building or development in Terrell please contact us:

Charles Fenner
Municipal Development Director
972-551-6600 ext. 247

Steve Rogers
City Engineer
972-551-6600 ext. 240

Chief Building Official
(972) 551-6600 ext. 300

Mike Mikeska
Utilities Director
(972) 551-6600 ext. 313


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