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Labor Information

Non-union Labor Force

Excellent non-union labor is available from Kaufman County and the six surrounding counties. A population in excess of 1.5 million is located within a 45 minute driving time. A large percentage (38%) of the area work force commutes to the DFW area. When other new industry has located here they have found a qualified work force willing to work for less wages and benefits in order to stay local. This offers a new company locating in Terrell a tremendous pool of both skilled and unskilled workers from which to choose.


No domination of wage structure by a single company or industry
Terrell is fortunate to have a wide base of employment ranging from health care to all types of manufacturing.

Usual benefits in area (holidays, insurance, vacations, breaks)
No unusual benefit packages are present in any employer located in the county.



  • Absenteeism is well below state average and reflects the excellent small town work ethic.

Turnover in various industries

  • Turnover is also well below state averages with the top five employers averaging less than 1% annually.

History of unions in area

  • Terrell has a manufacturing base of about 2,600 jobs. None of the manufacturing facilities are union nor have any attempts been made to organize. The work force in Terrell has an excellent small town non-union work ethic with below state average turnover.

History of organization attempts and success rate

  • Union organization attempts have not occurred during the past ten years.

Time lost due to strikes in last 5 years

  • No lost time has occurred in last five years due to strikes.

Degree of white collar unionism in area

  • No white collar unionism has ever occurred.

Labor legislation

  •  “Right-to-work” laws
  • Laws regulating union activity
  • State occupational safety and health laws

Texas is a right-to-work state and has a very small percentage of union plants.